AI for Journey Management

Predict and Prevent Vehicle Crashes based on Road and Environmental Conditions.

Partner to create new safety Telematics and Mobility services.

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Collision Avoidance & Autonomous Vehicles

Leverage our dynamic risk map to improve safety in connected, semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles


Usecases include

  • Alert the (human) driver to high risk areas and provide a safer alternative navigation route in real time.
  • Provide advanced warnings to human drivers in semi-autonomous vehicles (re-engagement) and for safer path planning for fully autonomous vehicles.

Fleet Risk

For all mobility services, for all vehicle types (Dockless Scooters, Bikes, Cars, Vans and Trucks). Fulfill your commitment to safety with our predictive safety and risk management solutions.


Usecases include

  • Enhance your telematics risk scoring information by integrating our predictive risk solutions.
  • Alert the (human) user to high risk areas and provide a safer alternative navigation route in real time.

Smart Cities

Move from reactive solutions to predictive - AI driven - safety solutions to help save lives, reduce congestion & the economic costs caused by road accidents.


Usecases include

  • Reduce road traffic crashes by integrating our APIs into existing VMS systems to increase driver awareness of high risk areas in real time.
  • Dynamically identify high risks areas/focal point of road traffic crashes to manage personnel (Police, Ambulance, Fire etc) resources smarter

Mapping and Navigation

Add a new layer of safety to your existing mapping application to improve the end user’s experience.


Usecases include

  • Highlight high risk routes and blackspots to help your users avoid road traffic crashes and make more informed route planning decisions. In real time and up to 48 hours ahead of time.

Proven Technology

Building the world’s first dynamic risk platform to predict accidents and get people and goods from A to B the safest way possible.

  • 70%-83% Prediction Accuracy
  • 50% Improvement in Driver Awareness
  • 25%-53% Reduction in accidents
Our dynamic risk platform has been proven to achieve over 83% accuracy in predicting the risk of accidents in a real world commercial pilot. Use cases of the technology have also been proven to improving driver awareness by over 50% and reducing accidents by 25% - 53%.

Predictive AI powered

Our Deep Learning and Machine Learning models learns from over 28 different factors (weather, traffic, satellite imagery, road layout etc) and over 2M history accident records in order to predict the risk of an accident at a given place and time.

For any vehicle type, longitude/latitude, date and time. Our model predicts the:

  • Likelihood of an accident
  • The severity of an accident
  • The cause of the accident
  • The safest route (and many more)

Flexible and Easy to integrate

Our solution does not require investment in expensive hardware.

It is built to be flexible and can be integrated into any existing application via our APIs and visualised via our map, web and mobile tools.

Dynamic and Real Time

Our platform is able to predict the risk of an accident. Our AI makes dynamic real time predictions and up to 48 hours ahead of time.